LIQUI MOLY additives work like vitamins and trace elements in various areas of your vehicle. Our oil additives reduce friction and wear; our fuel additives keep the system clean and guarantee optimum combustion and compression. The benefits all our additives have in common: cleanliness in all systems, and therefore maximum performance coupled with lower fuel consumption. The best basis to make sure you get the maximum pleasure from the cars of your customer for as long as possible.

Liqui Moly Products & Tests

Liqui Moly Does it really work?
Liqui Moly after 6000km
Liqui Moly Oil Additive
Liqui Moly Super Diesel Additive

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We guarantee our auto repairs with a hassle-free warranty!
At STEIGER Auto Tech we understand that needing your car repaired by a reputable, knowledgeable establishment that only uses the best quality parts and highest level of workmanship can be very stressful.  That is why we are happy to give you our customer an honourable 6 month / 10 000km auto repair warranty, because we know that’s what you deserve.
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